How it Works?


Shortlist the best agencies in the market for your next project.


Partner with the right agency that fits your requirement.


Execute the best suited marketing strategy to build your brand & increase revenue.

How to choose the right agency for your requirements?

1. Shortlist some agencies on the basis of different filters like location, budget, service specialization or clients. You can shortlist any number of agencies as per your convinience.

2. Gauge each agency by visiting their profiles on our website. We have mentioned all necessary details like the agency’s service focus, their past & present client reviews, their clients, their portfolio, their offices & locations as well as their team size along with the agency personnels to make your agency selection process easier than ever.

3. After deciding the final set of agencies from which you would choose to partner with, call each one of them and explain the project details, set up a face to face meeting, discuss your insights and vision about the project and ask for a proposal along with quotations.

4. Upon finalising the agency, discuss the terms and conditions of project execution, set of actions and deliverables and the complete timeline of the project in a contract.

5. Start building your amazing product!

“Can Unispade help search and shortlist the right agency for my project?”

Yes. That too, for Free!

Agency search is a tedious and time taking process. It may often happen that all your hard work might just go waste if :

1. you realize that you were talking to the agencies that have never handled a project and a budget like yours if its too high or

2. you realise that you were talking to the agencies that are not willing to work in your budget if it is too low.

Your time is of high value and we understand you must have your opportunity costs. The time spent in searching, shortlisting and talking to each agency can be used elsewhere more important.

Unispade team can help ease out and streamline this whole process for you.

1. Give us your project details to our executive over a call or mail or face to face meeting with a detailed list of agency preferences.

2. We will provide you with a list of agencies that are eager to work with you and are best suited for your project. Our provided list of agencies will be in line with your requirements, budget and preferences.

3. Shortlist the agencies you think would be the best match for your company out of our list and then directly enter the negotiations or other final conversations.

Understand that the following aspects are very important during the project execution and you should acquire clarity beforehand and be prepared for any unexpected glitches:

(i) Reporting frequency
(ii) Number of people working on your project
(iii) Main channels of communication & reporting
(iv) Tools and Technologies used for your project
(v) Breakup of your funds during the course of project
(vi) Project Timeline and deliverables
(vii) Performance metrics

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